Singing Bowl For The Moon

Oh, what a day! Thank goodness for astrology. Sure helps me understand why so many things are going on at once. Full Moon time is always intense, but especially when there is an eclipse. The energy is so thick that I could almost roll it into cookies. Lol.

Been taking charge of my health, family and personal matters, in such a beautiful space of allowing. Let go of fear of being straight forward and what a relief it is to just open up. Like a weight lifted.

Went to my PCP today and got referrals to two specialists. Definitely doing better, though. And just loving the Moon!

So I made a protection grid to help us all keep our energy fields clear. Auras clean and smooth and 18 inches from the body, all knicks, dents and holes repaired. Making sure the aura is all around every part of the body and using a tiny golden vacuum cleaner to suck up all the dust bunnies and anyone else’s energies.

Connecting with that grounding cord, hollow in the center, as wide as my wrist, going straight down to the center of the earth. Gaia feels this connection and sends Her loving energy up through the open leg channels. Loving earth energy fills me up, feels so great and soothing. Like taking a mud bath next to a hot springs. But on the inside.

So now I am going to use my Selenite wand to draw down more of this blessed Moon power and then take a healing mermaid bath. With crystals. Oh, and as the Full Moon in Aquarius was rising here it was cloudy, with some thunder clouds obscuring the view. I played my Tibetan Singing Bowl for ten minutes with the intention of drawing Her out, and it worked!

May a portal open up for you, bringing in Universal love and light from our Creator. Our Mother/Father God is good, and created each of us for a reason. I love you all.


      • We are all Souls and the moment we realize ourselves as Soul in the body we from the Source feel connected… And once we are connected we see all as same because it is our true nature, by nature we are all one from the Source and therefore from outer eyes it looks common now because Souls connect with same vibrations. Indeed you write from heart and you are full of love and compassion. Your blog reflects you as you are. Thank you for the kind sweet words. Be blessed.

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