Complications Happen

Second day in a row of some complications with stomach pain, been googling possible causes and resting in bed with a an electric heating pack. It’s my right lower quadrant. So I will be going in to Urgent Care Clinic this afternoon, keeping my fingers crossed that it’s nothing serious.

In the meantime reading many of your blogs and enjoying them so much! I’ll be back writing very very soon. And will resume the Gaia Star Codex readings as well. Summer got long and I got so busy.

Have a wonderful Sunday, my friends. Love and Rainbow Blessings.


13 thoughts on “Complications Happen

    1. We’re going to ER today, I used to do medical transcription, so had thought of that, but keeping fingers crossed that’s not it. No fever, or I would have gone yesterday. It got a bit better towards night fall. Thank you, you’re so sweet!

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    2. They found out it’s an ovarian cyst, what a relief compared to appendicitis. I told the doctor I was so happy because I want to be able to do my yoga and massage, and she said it was no wonder I’m in such good shape. For my age, that is, despite everything. So the yoga is definitely helping!.

      Thank you so much, dear heart. I am so glad to know you!

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      1. well at least its not too serious, i would hate an operation. So good to hear you are feeling a lot more positive on this and yes a cyst is something that can be managed medically. You must be in really good shape if the doctor comments on it. Take care dear and keep us posted.

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      2. Thank you, I will. Working on getting in shape, and have made some real progress now. At one time, after the neck surgery, my weight dropped to 87 pounds. That was such a fragile state of existence to slowly recover from.

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      3. that’s really low and i am surprised to read that you had the tenacity to then to pursue yoga and your massages! You are a strong woman physically and mentally….as we age we need to watch so many things, even the same diet we had 5 years ago can be detrimental. I am so glad you are working on the fundamentals and getting back into swinging shape. if i lived closer by i would suggest we go for a night out dancing, nothing better to feeling good again….take care dear!

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      4. Thanks, I would love to go out dancing with you, beautiful! Guess it is a bit far, tho. Lol. I quit drinking coffee a few weeks ago and have noticed that being a big plus. Still working on feeling better today, hope this is the last day!

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