Shifting Perspective

So much has changed for the better lately, and what a blessing that is! Being able to do some massages again is so great. My new table delights me, got it Saturday and already gave three massages on it. I’ve given more massages in the last two weeks than the previous six months. Most were gifts or trades, but bartering is truly the way to go! And to step outside to the lawn in front of my building once a week to do yoga is another blessing.

After such a difficult six months, going through heartache and heartbreak but retaining the friendship, so we didn’t actually lose each other emotionally, only physically, this new progress is extra special. I’m so thankful we still talk on the phone.

Sort of played the hermit during our three years dating, and now am reuniting with old friends and bonding with new ones. Which is another blessing. My heart is open, Spirit leads me to the people who match my vibration and we heal each other just by being around each other. Oh, and I give my friends massages, I suppose they love that too. Just gave my son JJ one a while ago.

And our swimming pool finally opened, so I’ve been able to take Loralai
times! Swimming is so good for my neck. Especially back strokes. And so relaxing. Today I made friends with another mom, and she’s going to be my client!

I have lots of ideas for my space adventure coming into my mind now that no wrote the intro yesterday morning after wondering how to start it. Don’t you just love that creative process? My ideas like to come to me in the morning. Sometimes late at night. Oh, and I finished editing a book for a friend in Nigeria yesterday, called The Emergence of the Reformers. Been busy! Sure do love being busy.

Not starting master’s program this semester, but that’s okay. There’s plenty for me to do in the meantime. I’m enjoying every blog I visit, you’re all so talented! It’s quite inspiring to me. Still working on catching up, which I realise is actually impossible, as so many of you are quite prolific, so just gotta do the best that I can do. And thank you for following me and liking my blogs. I am so very happy right now! Learning to love myself unconditionally and am perfectly okay with having some solitude right now. This very moment. In this breath and this heartbeat. where all the healing is.

If things could begin to turn around so drastically for me, and so much of this due to a shift in perspective, which in turn has opened me up to more meditation and many new epiphanies, like the wonderful one this morning after reading Walter’s great article on love versus longing. Very refreshing to love oneself completely. SARK actually married herself at one point. Thinking about doing the same. It definitely is true that life can be incredibly juicy and succulent. So I intend to dig in and stick around!

Rainbow Blessings, my friends. I love you all.



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