Selfies and Shadows

All the people
are taking selfies,
even dying
perhaps to
one’s existence
in a machine
driven world.

Too much machine
energy drains
body, mind and spirit,
So tempting is all this
limitless source of
knowledge and entertainment.

Some bodies scream at
their temple guardians
before action is taken.

And now there’s Pokémon Go,
So you can go, go, go
all over the place
finding clues,
collecting points.

But please don’t walk
into traffic or off cliffs!
Be mindful with your games,
better to walk and talk
without cell phones
glued to hands,
better to notice your

And when you’re
blessed with the
presence of other
real, live human beings,
remember to look them
in the eyes,
strike up a conversation,
for friendship makes
the world go round.

And people are so
much more interesting
than any machine
could ever be.

© Kamea Moonmaiden 08/10/16


11 thoughts on “Selfies and Shadows

    1. I don’t have room on my cell for the app right now, it simply concerns me that young people are walking into their own deaths. I realize it’s excellent for hand/eye coordination. I just want people to be careful, because I care about their well being.

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  1. Wise words .. This age of technology just gets crazy.. And the Pokemom craze is dangerous from what I have seen on TV about it in the news.. It seems a strange way for people to get together in their lunch time breaks and go out chasing Pokemon.. 🙂 Then saying they are at least getting exercise,:-) What ever happened to taking a walk and LOOKing where you are going, and noticing NATURE 🙂

    I know we live in the age of technology but so many are getting so addicted to their gadgets.. This is why I often disappear 🙂 My garden is my addiction especially around harvest time.. :-)Lovely post.. And I am liking your blog a lot Kamea 🙂

    Your background colour is very restful to the eyes also..

    Love and Blessings and I will be back for sure..
    Sue ❤

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    1. Thank you, sweet Sue. Your garden looks amazing! I have my balcony garden and that nourishes me so much. I too, disappear, but since I am only at nearly the six month mark, doing my best to feed my blog almost every day. Love you! xxxx

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  2. Hi Kami, thanks for reminding us that we have be able to manage without machines for thousands of years! Here’s to face-to-face conversations and go old fashioned eye contact. Blessings!

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