Today Tom talks at us from Halo, Norway, amidst rolling green hills and sod houses. He is well wrapped up, for it is cold there. He’s teaching an astrology workshop, and Jupiter is now exactly opposite Chiron. It went retrograde in February. This summary is partly paraphrase and also a tiny bit added to by me.

We made it through the Venus square Mars and super intense Moon in Scorpio, which is moving into Sagittarius tonight, conjuncting with Mars and Saturn. Saturday the Moon moves into Capricorn, releasing some of the fiery tension, but tomorrow we have a Grand Trine with the Sun in Leo, Moon in Sag and Uranus in Aries, oh my!

Saturn goes direct Saturday, finally. Mars conjunct Uranus in Sagittarius can make things difficult, very difficult all around the world. We are going through times of tremendous change. Extreme times. Saturn wants to reform and expand.

And next week we have the full moon in Aquarius, and we will hear all about that right about then, next Thursday.

We are hitting the boundaries of all that has been holding us back, spurring an urge to return to the old, patriarchal ways (think Trump, bombings, jihad, etc.).

This Mars/Saturn conjunct can also fuel are energy but we are now getting into our Akashic Records and healing old old Karma.

Reformation is coming, a broader world view. Powerful benevolent masculine figures will arise, like Solomon in days of old. This is a time of figuring out new ways of being.

We need to let go of the past: Illusions. Addictions. Denials.

Neptune in Pisces has light workers saying it’s all good, but there is still some very dense stuff to work it’s way out as we move from third dimensional consciousness to fourth and even fifth dimensional consciousness. Bringing the spiritual into the physical.

Remember we all make mistakes. Forgiveness is key here, and first of all we must forgive ourselves. And the paradox of 3D reality is that it is all good in 4D and 5D reality. It takes a lot of acceptance, allowing, letting go, loving ourselves and each other unconditionally and practicing these important ways of being free daily.

In La’kesh. I am another yourself. And I love you and I love myself.

Our bad mistakes can actually pave the way for the good. (But of course we always try our best).

Okay, Kaypacha is full of love, wisdom and good advice today, totally worth the watch when you have the time. We all gotta keep on keeping on, baby, and hold our heads up.

This week’s mantra: “It’s time to be responsible.
It’s time to make a stand.
And whether I’m right
or whether I’m wrong,
I’ll try and try again.”

Time to let folks off the hook, stop blaming and start mutating and existing at the higher vibrations.

Kaypacha’s farewell: Namaste. Aloha. So. Much. Love.

Kamea Moonmaiden’s farewell: Rainbow Blessings. Om Shanti.

16 thoughts on “Kaypacha’s Pele Report, August 11, 2016

  1. I feel the Jupiter and Neptune influence currently. I’m hoping that the oppositions bring learning experiences, even if it means a need for compromise and acceptance. I feel as though Jupiter, being in the rational Virgo, influenced my decision to go to college. My entire life, I never wanted to go, but the actual decision came yesterday. Out of nowhere, rational thought won over irrational dreams, and I decided, “hey, maybe I should go” after years of telling myself no. Quite funny how the planets influence us.


    1. Yes, it’s fascinating. Some scoff, but I doubt they have read much about astrology at all. Congratulations on your decision! I wish to go to an online master’s program for creative writing first part of 2017.


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