Blessed Little Birds and Butterflies

She was a bright little bird,
her feathers vibrant,
her smile full of sweetness,
but she couldn’t be alone.

Clipped wings, she craved
flying til her heart burst
from the yearning,
her cry to Heaven
heard far too soon.

She flies free now,
her baby boy not knowing
where she’s gone
no way of understanding.
She flies free.

She could have been
my daughter,
my beautiful daughter
in the stone castle
where I cannot touch her,
but she lives and breathes.
She has been spared,
her long journey to wellness
being presented straight and true,
no detours now,
no time for crooked paths.

Blessed by angels,
she’s inside her cocoon,
she’s fashioning her butterfly wings
with gossamer and unbreakable thread,
woven of gold and prayer,
hard work and a lot of patience.

When we are given another chance,
we can always retreat into our cocoons,
fashion for ourselves
wings brand new,
we too are butterflies
and we too go through

Blessed Little birds
and butterflies.
These are the days
of change.

© Kamea Moonmaiden 08/07/16


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