The Dreamers Within the Dream

Oh, what a lovely dream this woman’s life is now becoming! Just found this beautiful song, The Silent Awakening, on one of my group walls this morning, have loved it for a long while but had forgotten about it. So here it I’d, for all of you to listen to, should you so wish.

It is a clarion wakeup call for Starseed and all beings to join together and shine like the Moon, shine like the Sun, shine like the stars that we all are.

So today I practiced yoga with my 16-year-old grandson, made a great dinner, cleaned house, worked on personal healing and meditation and gave my yoga teacher his massage. He loved it. We are going to help promote each other, which is indeed a beautiful thing. At one time I had so many clients I couldn’t keep up with it all. Not attempting to overdo it, but certainly excited to be starting over.

And I found an accredited online school with a good creative writing master’s program. Which I wish to participate in. With luck, I may be starting August 8, so please keep your fingers crossed. If not then, next semester, for sure.

When bad dreams turn to good dreams, when pain becomes joy, with surrender suffering is released, alchemy abounds. The alchemy of grace transmutes pain to pure golden light.

Sweet dreams, my friends, I love you. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.

We are the Silent Awakening.


  1. What a lovely post Kami! You really have a way of writing in a positive and warm fashion! Good luck on getting into graduate school!
    Lora Pezzell
    MSIDT, Master of Science in Instructional Design and Technology

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