In the Midst of the Lionsgate

We’re now in the Lionsgate until 08/08. Great time for holding and anchoring the Light, connecting to the grid. Last year for the Full Moon during this window, I had a rough day, but as the Moon began to rise in all Her glory, felt inspired to go out and work on my trellis for my morning glories. As I was hammering away, the sound of children howling at the moon rose to the balcony.

So I went and hung out with the children for an hour. They showed me how to use the zoom feature of my camera phone. I showed them my faerie gardens and they asked me if I was rich. Lol. So cute. I talked to them about yoga and we generally had a fantastic time. Children love being listened to.

So tonight I finally manifested a yoga teacher coming here to my complex to teach yoga on the enormous front lawn. And four children randomly showed up, just as I wished! I’m trading massages for being taught Hatha yoga along with some Pranayama. This is very cosmic. Already made an announcement on FB, and we are going to have class every Friday night! Maybe except for artwalk nights.

Signing up to do chair massage at Groovefest. Held every year at one of the best local parks with an amphitheatre, lots of trees, a gazebo and a pavilion, two playgrounds and a skate park, along with a Full size kitchen, picnic areas and a splash pad, it was built in the 1940’s to provide space for a variety of community events. This particular festival is all about human rights, is hosted by Amnesty International, and features a full day of local artists, speakers, and vendors of food and art.

I read a couple of my poems there once, and got a standing ovation! Also had three recorded and put on a CD while in junior college. And one was published in the college anthology for that year. My poetry professor contributed it as a surprise for me. That was so sweet of him! Next project is I am going to record my poems and share them here and in FB land, Twitter and Google Plus.

I digress, please forgive me.

At Groovefest there’s also a lot of activities for the kids. It’s my favorite event of the year around here, although the Medieval Fair comes in a close second. It’s inevitable to run into dozens of friends, so going far above the hug quota happens every time. I love this town.

Feeling so thankful for the many blessings. And challenges are blessings too.

Sweet Dreams, my friends. May your weekend be blessed!

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.

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