Kaypacha’s Pele Report for July 27, 2016

This week’s report comes from the canals of Florence, in front of the Boboli Gardens, the old home of the Medici family. Very cool. The Moon into Taurus on Wednesday, heads into Gemini today, friendly and nurturing Cancer Saturday, then Leo on Monday.

The New Moon is in Leo on Tuesday. With the Sun, Moon and Venus in light hearted Leo, things will finally be smoothing out. This aspect truly helps lighten the load we have been carrying – release some of that pressure.

Uranus goes retrograde Friday and Venus goes into Virgo, which is square Mars and triggers intensity. Tuesday Mars finally leaves Scorpio again and moved on into Sagittarius.

The stars are telling us it is time to grasp this message of enlightenment, let go of that old patriarchal paradigm. This is a critical turning point. Feelings guilt and shame, of not being ready, are coming to the surface, for they have been bottled up for millennia now.

Tom’s advice is for us to hold, maintain and know. We are being confronted by our wounding, but our wounds themselves become our medicine. We are all vulnerable. Ironically enough, it is in our weakness that we find our strength. We must be strong and soft at the same time.


This week’s mantra:

“Like the whale that lives in the sea, yet bursts forth high in the air, the more I know the depths of my soul, the more I can open and care.

Namaste. Aloha. So. Much. Love.”

Just in time to uncover my own wounding, I have found a yoga teacher willing to come teach me – on the front lawn beginning tomorrow night – in trade for massage. What a blessing.

Rainbow Blessings of Love, my friends. Om mane padre hum.



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