Volunteering is Good For the Soul

So today I was blessed to gift a massage to a dear friend who had brain surgery last week. Luckily, the surgery was successful and they were able to remove all of the malignant tumor she unfortunately was dealing with. I have known her for at least 15 years, so it was truly an honor to work with her.

And now I have another massage tomorrow morning and am scheduling more! I decided to run a special and slash my rates. Also I as able to finally fix up my son’s room for massages. I used to do them in my room, but since I found a fabulous brand new writing desk by the dumpster a couple weeks ago and dragging it to my and apartment, there isn’t enough room any longer. It was a special sign, finding that desk. I love it!

I am ordering a new massage table next week, as my current one is old and falling apart. I’ve had it for fourteen years and bought it second hand. Found one on Amazon for the same price I paid for the one I have. It’s purple, my favorite color.

Things are falling into place. What a relief! Everything truly does happen for a reason. Now I must get some sleep so waking up will be easier than usual.

I love you all, have a wonderful Thursday, I’ll be posting Kaypacha’s Astrology for the Soul tomorrow.

Rainbow Blessings of Love and Gold and Pink Light.


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