Birthday Blessings

What a beautiful day! May the full moon energies provide you with stability and creativity at the same time. Great time for writing a list of that which you wish to manifest and put it away in a miracle box. Make sure and check out Luna tonight in all her glory! I will be placing my crystals in salt water on my balcony next to the fairy gardens to charge and so pleased to draw down the power of the moon.

So I suppose the moon hadn’t been full on my birthday for thirty years, so celebrating my 54th birthday on one is very sweet.

I do love the memory feature on FB timeline, especially for birthdays, so handy. It’s been fun to see the wishes from years past.

My 17-year-old son is taking me out to eat at Panda Garden later, so that’s awesome. Then we are having cake and ice cream with my grankids. My youngest grandson turns 16 tomorrow – little stinker tried to steal my birthday, but he missed by a day. And a stinker he still is, and a sweetheart.

Anyway, it’s time for me to pay attention to my friends and family. May your paths be sprinkled with rose petals and moonbeams today. On this one and only Moonmaiden Day. Om namaha shivaya.


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