Support the Change!

(this was shared by a good friend on FB a bit ago and is so spot on!)

This Tuesday, July 19th is the Full Moon at 27º Capricorn – the earth-bound sign of institutions, structures, government and the father archetype. The Moon represents the feminine qualities of mother, nurturing, security and emotional well-being. Due to the overwhelming domination for centuries of the patriarchal system, there developed a grand imbalance and disconnection between the masculine and feminine energies. This week we have the opportunity to unite both into more harmony and union within ourselves and our global family.

The Moon also aspects Pluto in Capricorn, highlighting the planet of the ‘underworld’. Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008, triggering the global economic melt-down in the financial/housing markets. This is not an easy transit, as established power structures collapse and lose control. Our journey into the subconscious realm reveals the Matrix programs of victim mentality, co-dependency, addictions, external stimulation, sexual obsession/perversion, patriarchal control and domination.

This transit is creating a vast chasm between those who have awakened and ‘know’ about the Matrix program and those still asleep in the simulation. More and more hidden corruption is being revealed thru whistleblowers, video cameras, and social media. Every day there seems like more ‘false realities’ are dissolving with continued disclosure. Violence is escalating as the fallen souls fight to regain power and control. The Pluto spotlight exposes the dark underbelly of our society.

The Capricorn Full Moon also squares the Uranus/Eris conjunction in Aries – triggering volatile chaos around the world. Revolutionary Uranus is known as the Great Awakener! Everything on this planet is being cleansed, refined and transformed into its truest essence. We see political leaders stepping down, more government coups, global instability, race wars, religious persecution, gender inequality, elite privilege and rampant greed. It can feel very depressing.

The key is to observe the massive transformation occurring in the physical world, but not get sucked into the 3D Matrix battle. Our role is to enhance the birthing of a new paradigm, and not suffer the breakdown of a corrupted society. Support the change! The Uranus/Eris transit is rattling the cage, pulling us out of our complacency. Step into the void created by the collapse and install a new harmonious lifestyle.

The younger generation will not stand by and support the dying Matrix program. They are not invested in its survival. They demand freedom and equality for all. Do you choose inclusivity or exclusivity? When you elevate up into the 5D realm, you ‘see’ thru the lens of unity consciousness. Everything is inter-connected and affecting the entire whole! We must rise up and protest for change to occur. We cannot tolerate any kind of abuse anymore. We demand world peace! And so it is…

Lovingly, Meg Benedicte

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