On Surviving

There are days, like today, when I feel just like this tree. Ancient and carrying so many experiences with me – and whatever is going on with the world as well. Always. During the Rodney King riots, I became extremely ill. Now, following all the tragedy this summer in Orlando, and now in Dallas and France, it has hit me like a two ton truck. Apparently this is a bug going around, but i think people are more susceptible to these kinds of bugs when stress is extremely high.

First my daughter was going through this, and then my 15-year-old grandson was mugged while walking by himself from his girlfriend’s house to home. Grownups. He didn’t even have any money on him. Luckily he is okay, didn’t have to go to the hospital.

So, I am going to pray even more that people stop hating each other, because we have all got to stick together. And for the folks who are offended by the #BlackLivesMatter slogan, please see how tragic it is that there even needs to be a slogan! Things should not be this way. The Civil Rights Amendment should have ensured that the inequality and atrocities would end. We all have red blood, we all have the same needs. And though one of my foster kids, whom I raised is black, there is no way I can know what it’s like to be in his shoes.

He told me the cops in Los Angeles are even more prejudiced than those in Oklahoma, and that Paul’s Valley was worse than Norman. It appears a glaring lack of education accompanies racism. Wake up racist people, we are all in this together. And so many think they are not racist when they are.

My own family is so multicultural, and having been raised in the counterculture, my perspective is eclectic. Which makes peoples racism so much more difficult to understand. And war. I will continue praying for peace all my days on this earth, and if humanity is able to overcome the temptation to engage in WWIII, we can move in that direction.

In the meantime, random acts of kindness will always help in some measure or another. And these create positive ripples which go outwards exponentially growing like ripples in the ocean.

Now to do my best to get rid of this two day migraine. Hence the melancholic mood of my last two poems. I love you all! We all have our days, and one thing is for sure, we have made it through the roughest of days. I have faith that things will get better, for we truly are loved.


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