Setting the Princess of Roses Free, Part Two

Rosalie had to wait a very long time for her lover to find another pebble which rendered invisibility, for the young Prince had to travel across many seas to reach the island of the good fairy who had given him his pebble as a young boy, as a favor to his parents, the King and Queen of the Golden Island.

At first she was very brave, for she had fallen deeply in love, and the strength of that love lifted and sustained her, filling her completely from head to toe with joy. But the days grew into weeks, and the weeks grew into months, and still no sign of her love.

For the good fairy had relocated, so it took three months just to find her, and by the time he returned to the island the Prince of Air had whisked the beautiful Princess off too, she was gone. Her captor had grown weary of attempting to persuade her to love him, yet he didn’t want anyone else to find her. He had discovered she had a lover for the jenii reported her behavior and murmuring to him. Months and months brought many tears to the young maiden, heartbroken at not being rescued.

So she made friends with the Prince of Gnomes, who was designated to amuse her and cheer her up in a desperate attempt to bring her out of a deep depression. The Prince of Air was feeling a touch of remorse, for what good was it to hold her captive if she trembled with hatred and rage every time he approached her?

Well, of course the Prince of Gnomes fell in love with her too, and as she was beginning to think her lover might have perished, she agreed to run away with him and get married. But the night before their planned departure, the Prince from the Golden Island finally found her.

He had to travel through the Island of Despair to get to the good fairy, who was sharing the island with the dark fairy. On that side of the island, heartbroken lovers (all men) aimlessly wandered about until they happened upon another, then they immediately killed themselves together. Bodies were strewn across the path here and there, each pair killed in a different manner.

It was because of this island that the good fairy had taught her youngest son to hate women. For she couldn’t bear the thought of her favorite ever ending up heartbroken. Perhaps if she hadn’t filled his mind with such hateful ideas about women, he wouldn’t have found it appropriate to steal away the first maiden he ever fell in love with.

The Golden Prince was actually led to his sweetheart’s secret prison by the Prince of the Sea (who could also have been Neptune). As luck would have it, he had also fallen in love with the Princess, and was throwing young heroes in search of her (for her father had sent out several convoys at this point) off a cliff into the sea. But once he touched someone, they were able to breathe under the water.

So the Golden Prince found Rosalie, and they wept and clung fast to each other. Wasting no time after all they had been through, he gave her the magic pebble and they flew out of the fortress (for he had acquired the power of flight granted him for emergencies by the good fairy when he found her and told her all he had been through. She felt very sorry that her son the Prince of Air had kidnapped the Princess, for he was on the verge of heading on over to the Island of Despair himself at that point. Besides, the King and Queen of Roses were her friends).

The Prince of the Sea had been instructed by his mother to help the couple escape, and with his help they got the Princess across the Sea. Finally they arrived at the Island of Roses, where her father lay on his deathbed for sorrow at losing his daughter. Her mother was ruling the Island, and her eyes sparkled greatly when she saw the two approaching. If she hadn’t have been sitting in her throne, she would have shrieked aloud for joy and wept loudly. Soon she and her daughter gave each other the biggest tightest hug ever, and together they went to see the King.

His face brightened and tears streamed down his face as he thanked the Golden Prince, who knelt down and humbly asked for her hand in marriage. This was happily granted, and with the color returning to his cheeks, the King was able to pull himself up out of the royal four poster bed which had roses strewn all about it.

The feasting before, during and after the wedding was the most amazing anyone in the land had ever seen, especially when the King and Queen of the Golden Island arrived just in time for the wedding. For their honeymoon they sailed to a small island next to the Golden Island, where they swam in clear blue waters, ate lots of fruit, drank ambrosia and slept under the stars every night. Within a couple of months it was clear Rosalie was expecting, and they decided to take their place in the Royal House of the Golden Island, where they would learn how to become rulers themselves someday.

(This just came to me, so I wrote it down right away, I will add an analogy and a very interesting synchronicity which happened after writing part 1 a bit later, for i need a break now. Love love.)

© Kamea Moonmaiden


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