Oxymorons of Modern Thinking

Having recently encountered someone in the FB realm who believes the Earth is flat and also is an astrology buff while simultaneously maintaining there are no planets, I am amazed at how anyone can maintain two such opposing belief systems in this day and age. There was an attempt to persuade me to entertain this vein of thinking, but to no avail. I have been reading a bit about science since I was a little girl, and to insist that NASA is merely an elaborate acting production or that the sun is a giant lamp is too much for me.

There are more ideas to go along with these. Albert Einstein was evil, as was Galileo. The Holocaust never happened, it couldn’t have (wait, what?). The evil agenda of the Zionists has been behind all wars. Ever.

While I do agree that this world is an illusion because we are actually swirling atoms, energy in motion, and our minds stop everything for us to experience time and space, it’s also apparent to me in my meditations that we live on a sphere. And the planets and stars are very real!

It has to be hard to remain convinced. I did watch one of the dozens of documentaries which included mathematical measurements of the Earth in respect to the horizon and the missing difference curvature should make, and found it tiresome and rather panicky.

Keep calm and feel the Earth spin under your feet.

Gravity is real. There is no way to fall off the Earth, She doesn’t have to be flat in order to keep us planted.

But when we sleep, and during deep meditation, gravity cannot hold down our spirits. We are portals to the entire universe on the inside. As within, so without.

The Vedic astrologers understood this quite well. I doubt if the idea of a flat earth would have fixated any of them.

Oxymorons like that, and like believing there are no planets, yet that astrology makes sense, just show how people can latch so firmly onto their belief systems that they convince themselves of their validity.

And the more people who share these beliefs, the more convinced they all become. That fits the definition of a group miasma. Another example would be that once our bodies begin to break down, there is no way to reverse that process.

Even though countless individuals have proven the opposite to be true. People like Reverend Julie Renee. Her book called Quantum Healing is a great compliment to the course work. I enjoy the meditations so much because they bring science on into the realm of the spiritual, and the spiritual on into the physical. Very refreshing and delicious, but also takes time and practice.

Started an online kundalini yoga class last night, and after meditating for an hour, listened to three workshop classes by Jennifer McLean of Spontaneous Transformation Technique. I’m currently reading her book as well. Funny thing is, last night’s class was about Ho’oponopono and scale 10 forgiveness! She takes us to the sacred sanctuary where the still point of healing within the heart opens each person to the limitless possibilities within. And how cool to happen to pick the course about Ho’oponopono randomly the same day as writing about it.

What a cosmic synchronicity.

I wonder what kind of synchronicities help people maintain extremely complex contrary belief systems? How much fear goes into their daily lives? To pick up an opposing miasma in this day and age when most of our miasmas have been mutually agreed upon for centuries? Like the downward spiral theory? But that can indeed be reversed.

And at least we are currently at the point where life expectancy is increasing again. A few hundred years ago, I would not be here at my age after having so many babies. And surgeries. (It takes time to count all the procedures and surgeries that have been done to me. At this point, I would prefer to avoid all that).

The power of belief is incredibly strong. Faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains, so no wonder. Master teachers like Jesus and Buddha showed us how each of us can be like them through faith. Surrender. Letting go. Spirit working through us makes all things possible.

This is my weekend, many things to attend to, may your Tuesday be filled with Grace, my friends.

Rainbow Blessings.

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