Forgiveness on a Radical Scale

One of the hardest for many, seemingly impossible for some, forgiveness is at the core of spirituality and the key for true growth. Not forgiving is like swallowing poison and waiting for the other person to die.

Of course it doesn’t usually happen all at once, especially when there may have been years of imbalance. Taking personal responsibility for our own joy and happiness becomes much easier when steps towards forgiveness have been taken.

This always includes self forgiveness. An essential part of loving ourselves unconditionally, we have all made mistakes along the way. But we also do the best we can with the tools we’ve acquired along the way.

I know a tiny bit of Ho’oponopono, and have a meditation visualization where I call all my loved ones, living or beyond, from grandparents to parents, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, partners, lovers, friends, etc. onto a stage while facing them from a podium. I ask each one if they support me today in my connection and experience with Higher Self. If they say yes, I give them a hug and release them, if they say no, they remain on the stage til the end when I visualize using golden spiritual scissors (a chainsaw sometimes, lol) to cut the aka cords (thin, silvery threads of stuck energy emanating from my belly button to theirs and wrapping around is along the way), knowing that the Universal Cord of Love can never be broken.

There are many other helpful visualizations I find helpful, like seeing my problems stick to fly paper, or stuffing dollar bills in a glass of orange juice. Or, after balancing my chakras, wiping them clean with white bread instead of golden Velcro rose petals (also good) and then leaving some slices in the areas needing mending.

The main mantra, “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.”

I read about a Kahuna chief who also happened to be a psychiatrist (if my Da reads this perhaps he will remember the name). With time and by deeply meditating on each patient’s chart using Ho’oponopono, each patient became well! And was discharged from the hospital.

Okay, so another thing I am doing to enhance the forgiveness process is visualizing old patterns in golden legal transcript form being typed up, bundled up and thrown down my grounding cord when grounding and balancing my heart brain.

Just watched a show called Sacred Journey of the Heart which talked a lot about the power of the heart, and how our hearts actually do have a mind of their own. This helps explain why some people elicit different responses and emotions within us than others. Those whose energy fields more closely match our own always elicit more of a response.

On this show they talked quite a bit about radical forgiveness and about creating safe spaces for people to talk about their stories and release and bless the traumatic experiences.

I love finding out information from the Institute of Heart Math. Being a human being certainly is an amazing experience, that is for sure.

Incidentally, since beginning the Quantum Healing meditations (which I am practicing daily still and will be able to teach them myself in a month or so as I am MEMORIZING each one) my hair is becoming thicker and I look younger sometimes. (Not all the time yet, working on a great deal here, and I am almost 54 – this body had to be screaming for a very long time before I took it seriously and began to listen carefully each and every day).

There are times when I fall out of practice with my yoga, especially upon re-injury, which can take a couple of months to recover from. But, with my meditations I also do a couple Pranayama yoga techniques which help. Especially the breathing ones.

Another technique I love is pumping – this involves squeezing the right hand repeatedly and bringing golden light from my activated halos in to whatever areas need healing. Lavender light is good. Pink light is feminine divine energy and green is masculine divine energy. Golden light is the color of the Creator. Tapping key points is also helpful and enables me to make sure my spirit is in my body, so that I am fully embodied.

When I first began, I couldn’t sit up through a whole meditation. The pain was too intense. Back then even cutting vegetables was very difficult for me. I had to stop coloring for a while. Couldn’t thread a needle. Was bed ridden a great deal of the time. I wanted to sleep forever yet couldn’t sleep deeply for a full night. I quit taking my anxiety medication. Over three months ago! The emotional pain was strongly connected. My heart broke but is now healing. Old friendships have fallen away, and new friendships are arising. There is more time for solitude, but not too much!

One of my problems is eating often enough when i am alone. Certainly not the only mom with that issue. This has a lot to do with the fact that I haven’t ever been alone much at all. It’s something to conquer all the time. It’s like I have to give myself permission to eat even though I do love food! And eat mostly healthful food. That is just one of my key inner saboteurs. So I have little meals all day, doing my best to not stretch out the time in between too far. It’s one of the biggest things I have to forgive myself for, on quite a radical scale!

Every day is a perfect opportunity to begin again. Letting go of recrimination, for those shoulda, coulda, woulda moments and just blasting those pictures of self hatred away is so liberating!

With radical forgiveness we can walk with our new legs into the longer eternal now, a mindful life of mutual compassion and Unconditional Love for all!

© Kamea Moonmaiden


  1. Kami, the Hawaiian social worker was Stanley Hew Len, also known as Ihaleakala by his students of which I am one. He is the successor to Kahuna Mornnah Simeona who developed the updated Ho’oponopono process which you shared. He teaches the process all over the world. The schedule can be found at
    Love, Da

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