Kaypacha’s Pele Report for July 6, 2016

“Love truly is the answer, whenever I’m in doubt. It is the reason why I’m here and what life’s all about.”


Kaypacha (Tom Lescher) is still in Greece, this week’s report coming right after he was hanging out at Delos, the island where Apollo and Artemis, the twins of Zeus and Letha, were born. He says the energy there is quite intense, and I believe it!

What a beautiful place to fill us all in on what’s going on with the stars, the Grand Trines, Mars going direct finally after so much time retrograde in the fixed sign of Scorpio, and next week Venus rising after being in the underworld for several weeks now.

The moon was in Leo yesterday, moved on into Virgo today, and things are lightening up, challenges being resolved, energies more nourishing. Good time to go within ourselves and good time for going deep deep within each other, for deepening commitments or for moving into new relationships. Asking ourselves if this is what we want, and letting each other know what we want.

Redefining the very nature of our relationships is part of embracing the new paradigm, which is neither patriarchal or matriarchal in nature, for we have experienced both over the eons, and know by now neither works.

The rising of the Divine Feminine in each of us brings us to an egalitarian time where we honor all aspects of ourselves and each other, are more fluid with our lives, let go of strict expectations and transition into a beautiful state of just being and allowing.

We are more than just Love, but Love truly is at the core of our essence, and Love is infinite, eternal, all powerful bliss!

And we are all infinite beings of Love and Light, remember that! And remember to breathe, keep calm and keep shining!

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius.

Kaypacha’s sign off: Namaste. Aloha. So. Much. Love.

Maker’s sign off: Rainbow Blessings of Love and Light. Om Shanti.

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