Seeking Solitude

Last week ended up so overwhelming I just collapsed, and upon collapsing experienced a series of surrenders. Still surrendering now, letting go of a drive to control and blessed with the feeling that no matter what, things will turn out okay.

My oldest son is on his way to Tulsa right about now. This trip was delayed by three weeks due to a series of complications. Turns out he won’t be having repeat surgery any time soon because of his health problems, but he has taken drastic steps to turn his life around and take very good care of himself. His intraocular lens implant itself slipped out of place. This has caused near blindness, but reading glasses magnified by 200x is the prescription which will grant him the gift of reading again. And he’s going to be a nanny, five kids ages 5-13, three of whom he has already bonded with. Soul family from way back. A challenging and nurturing position which will be great.

His best friend from middle school. Who pulled him out of a deep depression, got him to get up and go places, meet people, anything besides watch television.

Good changes! All these kids, all grown up, and they are going places, each of them in their own way.

My yogi son is still in Oregon, an archaeology job on the horizon. Right now he’s landscaping, born on Earth Day he always loves outdoor jobs.

My hipster son is now twenty, came to visit with his beautiful girlfriend for the 4th. And about eight of his friends showed up too, lol. And several other people did too, suddenly there were about 25 people at my lil flat. He’s very outgoing and exuberant. So exuberant that he took off all his clothes at a Backwoods Festival and was filmed. Now his story was published on an official Musical Festival Memoirs site. He’s becoming famous for this antic.

My mom would be so proud. She was a nudist, took me to a nudist camp with my baby brother and little sister when I am as five. I’m not a nudist but have no problem with others. However, I am thankful that a funny face cartoon is placed over the personal parts of my son in all the pictures because that would just be too much for me!

This is despite all the exposure to nudity growing up. Bathing suits are the cut off point when it comes to family. Maybe on a nudist beach far away from all my family I would be willing to join a group dancing in the moonlight. Maybe. The ocean just might be inspirational enough.

So we ended up having an impromptu party. Our complex is one of the best places in Norman to watch fireworks. We have a perfect view of the local display. And lots of folks around here also set off fireworks. Fun times!

After the display was over, my son and his friends spun fire, which was quite exciting (a little scary but they’re very careful). Spinning Poi is an enormous part of their group’s lives. They all had the LED Poi as well – that’s the only kind I will ever spin, lol. No fire that close to my body, no. I already have a burn scar which has been with me since age two.

Now my baby is visiting and How I Met Your Mother is gracing the television, rather amusing. He just got back from a road trip with his dad. They visited four colleges. This boy is a very very focused athlete, football being his main sport. He went to a couple of football camps. His dad has been super supportive with this. And for that, I am grateful.

He’s almost all grown up – how did that happen? And here I am, perched on the edge of some wonderful days of solitude, to recharge my batteries on a cellular level. Recargar mis pilas. If only I could teleport to some place like Costa Rica and do yoga in the jungle. Meet some shamans.

One of my dreams is to teach English in Costa Rica for a semester or two. Maybe even get the courage to ride the zip lines. So much to see!

It’s such a big world out there! Dare to dream, and adventures will find you.

I am waiting for Kaypacha’s Pele Report. Thinking Thursday may be the new day of the show. Patience is a virtue.


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