Challenging Day, But So Blessed!

It’s our most challenging times that teach us the most. Apparently this woman came here to learn A LOT, but amidst those challenges are always blessings, like the silver linings of every cloud. And serendipity smiles on us with those cosmic synchronicities i do so love to notice, for they are truly nearly everywhere.

While waiting for my son to have a consultation at the eye doctor, I met an older woman wearing a long lavender gingham cotton dress. I happen to be wearing a long tie-dye cotton summer dress, and I struck up a conversation with her. She apparently lost two hundred pounds over the last several years, went from size 5x to size 10. I told her that was phenomenal and we started talking about the kinds of salad we like. She said we could have been sisters. Then she mentioned that she was a widow and had been engaged to be married and she and her fiance were going to travel all over the world together, but he had passed away two days ago. Bless her heart!

I told her I was so very sorry that had happened, and said, “God bless you, you’ll be in my prayers.”

She was in a wheelchair and her brother said I was a youngster, for he was 70.

They upon returning home, my new FB friend from Nigeria who happens to be a writer (and I will be editing his first book pro bono for the experience as it isn’t super long) shared a video about a young boy who had a past life memory of being a woman who died in a fire in Chicago in the Nineties. He was Anglo and had been African American previously, and his mom is sharing his story to show how ridiculous it is to make any judgments about people based on gender or ethnicity.

Also, my friend is passing around my saying, “Rainbow Blessings” and sharing my poetry on his wall, which is getting shared, so exciting!

And just now I have been invited to Amma’s ashram in India, by one of her adopted sons! And just last week a lovely new friend took me to lunch for salad and smoothies and she had met Amma three times! Amma is a wonderful love filled guru deva whom I adore.

So the challenges, which aren’t to be public, were not as overwhelming after all. Upon returning home, an adorable Pomeranian followed me up the stairs and bounced on into my apartment, lol.

I was able to talk to Alyssa, she has taken college entry exams and is at second semester college level in all her English courses, needs a bit of brush up in math. She adores church and says the church ladies told her they see the Light in her eyes. God is with her, He is with us all!

That’s it in a nutshell, Rainbow Blessings of Love and Light!


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