Breathwork and Rest

Laundry is quite a chore where I live because I am upstairs and the stairs are concrete slabs, quite steep. My apartment used to be a military base, built in 1940, but fixed up pretty well. Today did three loads and it was hot! For some reason, the door to the laundry room was propped open, so the a/c wasn’t doing a bit of good. I won’t ever attempt to carry two loads at a time again, finally learned that painful lesson well.

Right now I am sitting on my balcony next to the morning glories, basil and moon flowers. The rain gave them so much growing power! They’re literally going crazy, hopefully they will bloom soon. The petunias have lovely purple flowers, though. I love my balcony garden! It’s one of my saving graces.Crickets are chirping loudly and the train is rolling past, occasionally tooting its horn. It’s just the right distance from us to not be obnoxiously loud. I have lived about twenty yards from the tracks more than once, and it’s quite intense!

After doing the laundry, I lost my phone under the comforter while making my bed, lol. Posted my dilemma on FB as I didn’t know if my daughter was going to bring Loralai over or not. She went to a birthday party at a splash pad today and ended up making friends with a whole new family of kids. Anyway, my friends helped me locate my phone.

At that point, the Benadryl kicked in and I took a long evening nap for about four and a half hours. Haven’t done that in ever so long. That cured the last of the hives, then had a baked potato, broccoli, an avocado and a mango with a glass of organic milk for dinner. Great vegetarian meal! Not ready to go vegan, but I am mostly vegetarian at this point. I do love fish, though, it’s so good for the brain.

About to take a soothing mermaid bath with Epsom salts, lavender, and crystals. Sound healing will be part of it, very soothing and wonderful. Lots of breathable too. The Pranayanama exercises I do focus on breathing. It oxygenated my brain and balances me. Very very soothing.

It’s so beautiful tonight. May your dreams be sweet and your sacred paths sprinkled with rose petals, my friends. I love you!



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