Oklahoma Summer Rain

Aaah, we just had a delightful thunderstorm which swept in, drenched all growing things, filled the streets with tiny rivers, and just as suddenly, moved on out. What a beautiful way to bring the weekend to a close. Having the door wide open in June and fresh clean air blowing through my flat is such a blessing.

Finally got to talk to my daughter again yesterday. She was transferred to her treatment center, she says it’s kind of like church camp. It was such a relief to talk to her! Hopefully, we will get to go visit her soon. It’s two hours away, so it will be a full day outing. She is loved by many of us! She’s going to be taking a college course soon. I hope English is one of the courses offered, because she has natural talent.

My youngest son is traveling with his dad to Michigan right now, going to several football tournaments along the way – I wish I were up there! Michigan is awesome in the summer. Last summer I had a blast. Went tubing down the Hersey River. It was freezing cold, but it took me back to my teenage years of swimming in the Pecos River, and I felt right at home.

I’m waiting til tomorrow for the Gaia Star Codex Reading because of a sudden case of hives I am now recovering from. Still not sure what triggered it. It’s a good thing that’s a rare occurrence.

Beautiful storm just came back to bless us with some gentle raindrops as an afterthought. My cat Smudge was out when it started pouring, silly boy got drenched. Now he’s plopped down on the overstuffed couch cushion behind me, and Mila is at her station by my side. Cats are so awesome. My best friends.

May your week be blessed, my friends. I love you all.

Om namaha shivaya. Rainbow Blessings.


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