Gentle deer met me at the opening, led me to the cave of the jaguar. Here jaguar sat with the ancestors, who were smoking a medicine pipe around the fire. They made room for me to sit beside them, and I left my ego outside the cave. “We’ve been observing your struggles, dear heart,” they gently murmured, “take with you our strength.” They held my hands as we danced around the fire. The jaguar licked my face and purred into my ear when the drum beat sped up, indicating it was time to leave. The beautiful soft doe carried me on her back to the tunnel under the mighty oak tree and I returned.

We are loved. Peace is what we seek, what we came to help manifest. Rainbow Warriors of the Light, this is our time. Let us continue learning, serving Gaia with our rainbow colors no longer hidden, as we journey towards the Light. We are loved.

A’ho Mitakuye Oyasin. All my relations. We are all connected.

The journey has just begun.


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