Kaypacha’s Astrology for Soul, June 23, 2016

Tom Lescher (Kaypacha) comes to us today from some incredible ruins near Athens, at the cave where Greek mythology tells us Hades, in his loneliness, kidnapped Persephone and carried her into the underworld – his domain. He kept her there for months, tempting her to eat with all sorts of succulent dishes, for if she did eat, the rule was that she would have to stay forever. Her mother, Demeter, Goddess of Harvest, grieved so deeply over the loss of her beloved daughter that she stopped caring for growing things and winter descended upon all the land. When she finally found Persephone, she had eaten six pomegranate seeds. A compromise was reached and it was arranged for Persephone to spend six months in the underworld instead of eternity, which is why we have winter.

This is relevant astrologically because Venus is in the underworld and we can’t see her for close to another month. And Mars is still in retrograde in Scorpio, adding to the underworld theme of our collective psyches. Next week it finally turns direct and heads back into Sagittarius.

There’s so much more going on revealed here in this clip, and what it all boils down to is it’s time to end the illusions of Neptune and the Piscean age. This is can be a time of disappointments and sorrow, discovering often people can’t live up to our expectations.

We must wake up to reality, trust our gut instincts, be careful with new relationships, nurture and love ourselves. Let our intuitions be the guide, for sometimes we can be scared, for these are some strange and crazy times!

We are being initiated into the Age of Aquarius, a time of community and interdependence. It’s up to us to rescue ourselves and step out of he victim or martyr roles and take back our own power!

This week’s mantra: “Sometimes life hurts no matter what I do. In order to maintain and try to regain, I admit I need help from you.”


“Namaste. Aloha. So. Much. Love.”

Rainbow Blessings of Love and Light. Om namaha shivaya.



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