Dandelions of Summer

When summer rolls around
the fragrance of honeysuckles
fill the air,
honeybees buzz
flirting with butterflies
among the dandelions
sprouting everywhere.

My sister and I
picked dandelions
for our mother’s
dandelion wine,
popping them into
our mouths from
time to time.

We tethered the goats
near sorrel and clover,
sweetening their milk,
which strengthened
our bones.

The mountain air
always had a
touch of freshness
even on the hottest
of days,
that dry heat
which browned our skin
and warmed us to the core.

Our fairy glen
in the piñon trees
transported us
to another realm,
while our geodesic dome
was an acrobatic home
saving us from
crocodiles, crooked pirates
and boiling hot lava.

Oh, those days of
dandelions and sweet wild roses,
when we were wild and free.
We were on top of the world,
there in the high desert
mountain llano of
New Mexico.

@Kamea Moonmaiden June 2016


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