The Long Road Home

This poem was written by my sweet daughter, Alyssa, who will be away for several months still. She’s working hard on her recovery, and will be sending me her prose and poetry so that I can publish it for her here, on my blog. What better way to reach out to the world and also to let the people who love her know how she’s doing? What she’s learning from this whole process? She was just transferred a few days ago, one of the several reasons for my absence. I have missed you all, though. And I do appreciate you at the same time as being in awe, so many extremely talented human beings sharing here! I will write down any comments so that I can send them to her.

I am so thankful my daughter’s alive.

The Long Road Home

Late at night I lay my head to sleep
I pray to the Lord my soul to keep,
then I try to build my dreams.
I think about flying out of this cage.
I hope soon I will turn the page,
put the past behind me, continue to grow.
Many fears I have learned to let go.
An uncertain future, a certain past,
holding on tight to that which will last.
Strength through faith, love through pain,
knowing I’ll get back home again.
Through the loneliness, isolation and struggle,
I’m finally understanding this puzzle.
I have the courage to do what it takes,
to free myself from this soul sucking cage.

@ Alyssa Varela May 2016


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