With the moon in joyful Leo and the sun in intellectual Gemini, we are not only dealing with the Grand Cross, but also a T-square with Jupiter in opposition to Neptune and Neptune squaring Saturn. With Jupiter in Virgo, it is time to reap that which we did or didn’t show earlier.

This is a tense time, full of pressure. There will be lots of false starts as we begin walking in the New Earth. As conscious co-creators, it’s good to know that these are the times we’ve been waiting for, and we are the ones. Each and every one of us.

Retrograde Mars in Scorpio confronts Mercury in Taurus (which would rather meditate in a cave). Time for intense negotiations and debates over money, sex, divorces, personal and community relationships. The discussion about what’s mine and what’s yours, and making that very clear, is happening now.

Gemini is a very complex Sun sign. This is not a spiritual sign. Information is being delivered to us with such intensity it’s causing overload.

And how I personally deal with that is to mostly unplug, there are weeks when I need several days! Sorry I’ve not been here, am going through decompression. And sorting out all these energies. Everything Tom says about what’s going on in the stars is most definitely happening in this woman’s life. It always makes more sense to me after watching Kaypacha! I fell asleep not long after this came out last night and got a late start today, but better late than never. Right?


Tom is quite funny when he presents this week’s mantra:

“In coming out of lethargy, I’m ready to create, and gather all the money, as much as it will take.”

He is always worth watching, such a great astrologer and storyteller. I would so dearly love to attend the Astrology Rising seminar in Costa Rica next April. Just putting that out there, Universe. Giving thanks in advance for unknown blessings already on their way.

Tom’s sign off: Namaste. Aloha. So. Much. Love.

Kami’s sign off: Rainbow Blessings

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