Lover of the Moon

Full Moon rising high
above my balcony,
a goddess shining bright
Her purple cloaks
shadowy clouds,
rings of rainbows too.

She charges my crystals
and this earthly vessel
I’m wearing this time around,
so pleased to fill up
and draw down
the blessed power of the Moon.

Oh, Moon in Sagittarius,
you bring out the
philosopher’s stones,
ruminating life’s quandaries
is natural under your light.

Passions rising in the night,
friends and lovers laugh
or sit and sing
while listening
to moon flowers softly growing.

The breeze itself so temperate,
surely hosts of Rivendell itself
paid a visit here
last night,
for elves must have
found it charming
with my fairy gardens
beckoning under the

@Kamea Moonmaiden


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