Chilly Weather In May

Apparently Mother Nature’s confused around here, but what a pleasant mix up it’s been for us here in Oklahoma. I even had to pull out a couple of long sleeved shirts from the back of my closet the other day. Lots of thunderstorms. One of my favorite things to do is sit out on the balcony next to my little garden and just breathe. When the wind is blowing it’s so refreshing. Although slightly too chilly today, but of course that will pass.

Good news here is that every day this woman is getting stronger. The dexterity in my hands is returning, and since that was presumed to be lost, what an incredible blessing! Kundalini yoga along with the Pranayama yoga, meditation and back and neck strengthening exercises are working wonders.

As is standing up for myself, standing in my own truth and occupying my home and front yard. No more feeling scared. Moving is postponed so beautifying my surroundings is so nourishing. Letting my body and soul guide helps sharpen the intuition -our bodies always know what they need.

Making new friends and strengthening older friendships while others have fallen away is a very intriguing process. And if I hadn’t ventured outside my comfort zone nothing would have changed. I’m not ready to simply and quietly fold in on myself.

Every day in every way, things get better and better.

I even did a two hour hot stone massage last night! Second one in two months, this is great! I’mready to do one every week. But now I have to set timers as no longer do I have an hour memorized. Instead, I just keep going and going.

I sure do love giving massages. That moment when my client exhales deeply and totally relaxes is so healing. Peppermint and eucalyptus along with coconut oil and tiger’s balm help muscles relax and heal. And they smell delightful – to me.

My cat Mila loves to be in the room for massages. She sits under the table and purrs. She’s so sweet. She also loves my crystals and the Tibetan singing bowl.

Cats are good at Reiki. They’re natural healers. And they love yoga also. She always wants to stretch with me. Very cute.

So anyway, today is my day off and resting seemed the best thing to do as i haven’t done that in a while. And I’m not collapsed in pain. Just relaxing with Mila purring on my lap.

Also did a guided Quantum Healing meditation to clear the pain body twice, loved this one Placing pulsing golden suns on the pain spots while making sure my grounding cord is slippery and protected with a golden rose and my aura is sealed and protected with a golden rose helps so much.

I’m happy to be alive and so thankful for the obstacles now mostly overcome, for the many that are far behind, and also those that lie ahead. For they lead to golden doors of opportunity.

Where the Princess of Roses always dwells – the Golden Island, or Garden of Eden.

For this garden has been reopened and we are being shown the way to find it in our lives, right here and right now, wherever we are.

It’s in this breath and this heartbeat where all the healing is, my friends. I love you all, keep shining beautiful brilliant souls!

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