Transpersonal GaiaStar Codex Reading for May 14, 2016

Today I’m using the codon conversation spread which corresponds with the sixty four codons of our DNA, which transmit three letter word instructions to our human bodies, so too do these three cards give us a message to guide us through the week to come. The names of the cards, when repeated after each other, become a key-word phrase or mantra which will trigger the empowerment of this gift from Gaia.

Questions to ask ourselves upon reading the cards are: 1) What is this key message being transmitted here? 2) Can a meaningful sentence be constructed using this phrase?

Either read separately or in a row, these cards carry a message which can be useful for anyone, as they are transpersonal.

The first card is Spin. Here we see a nine-pointed star on a mandala with the tree fungus on “Moon” rock providing a solid base. The power of the vortex is present here, Fibonacci spirals swirling us into the future, just as Recycling helps to release the past. Which is all part of shedding our layers, just as snake sheds his skin. The empowerment here is that which helps us to always move forward, no matter what the challenge may be.

Upon emerging from this spiral vortex we will see things in a new way, all senstions will be fresh, vibrant and full of light. It’s time to become our very own Spin Doctors, for who will spin us if we don’t spin ourselves?

It’s time to revise and reenginer. Time for updating, upgrading, and improving in every way we can – on all levels and in all timelines and incarnations in all dimensions.

Stand on Gaia and feel Her spinning too. This is the Big Cosmic Spin, which will always bring us somewhere new. Time to kick back and enjoy the ride – go with the flow.

(I apologize for not being able to post more than one photo per blog here, am working on increasing skills but life gets super, super busy sometimes).

The next card is Play (so appropriate for what’s going on in the stars this weekend, lol). The Flower element comes into play here – those delicate blossoms gifted us from Heaven to remind us of the incredible bliss and beauty of our true home. Oh, how nourishing flowers are! When I sit outside on my balcony next to my petunias it’s so relaxing.

This card is a complex mandala perfect for meditating upon. The flower source for th image is an iris.

The empowerment here is the mood of ecstasy. Being turned on is feeling alive in every sense, bringing opportunity for play at any given moment. Even chores can be fun with a playful attitude. When we’re open and playful, our creative juices flow as we let go of expectations and just be.

It’s time to get in the game, to fully engage in our lives. We are Co-Creators of the Universe and recreation is one of the key components for full healing. When we become fully immersed in the sport of our mass global awakening and connect with the other players of our team – we find our soul family.

To amuse ourselves and our friends in the planetary pastime of emergence, we’re planting the seeds for the New Earth. It’s time for us to score.

Spin, Play, Meta-Fission.

The last card is Meta-Fission. Here we have the Rock element – just like all the personal planets are in Taurus right now, reminding us to be in our bodies and spend time not overthinking. Just to be and empty ourselves of worry is so grounding.

This simple mandala empowers us with Meta-Fission – the power of activation. All our ancient codons are being awakened, and these are the seeds of our global being. They exist within us at every level, from our omnipresent spirit self to our actual atoms.

Each of the cards in the GaiaStar Codex has its own unique Meta-Fission qualities, all which help trigger and activate all sixty-four codons of our beings.

Let them start you up.

(This is from the GaiaStar Codex – Seeds of a Turned On World cards by Bonnie Bell and David Tudd. Paraphrased and added to.

Many blessings to you all, I love you.


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