Tuesday’s Child

Tuesday, Tuesday. The birds are sweetly singing, ushering in the sun. Yet another tornado warning yesterday, not super close to our home but my phone got the extreme warning message and the siren went off very near here even though it was closer to my daughter’s work and home where my grandsons were.

Loralai and I were about to paint our nails purple. We went into the bathroom for shelter just in case. Luckily, the storms veered East before hitting the highway not too far south of us. So we were able to emerge rather quickly and finish our nails.

And Adam should be having his surgery before lunch time. We have to leave by about 7:15, and now I know what a long wait we are in for. This should give me time to visit many of you, this time I know to bring my charger.

And food. Some sandwiches. Giving thanks for the trial run last week, since we met such nice people and learned more or less what to expect. And Adam is feeling much better. Yay!

I have him many of my supplements and that has helped a great deal. And his girlfriend gave him several Aloe Vera gel lotions and creams. Very soothing. Better than the triamcinolone cream.

Since I am now single again, I am working on figuring out where I went wrong. Yet again. And three years this time.

We had many many good times. At least that. And I wish him the best. Always. Just wish he would at least talk to me. But he won’t.

Tuesday’s child is full of grace. And grace reminds us to let go. Trust the Universe has what is best for us in mind. And we are never truly alone. Never.

Toltec wisdom in the Four Agreements reminds us to:

1: Always do our best.

2: Never take anything personally.

3: Be impeccable with our words.

4: Never assume anything.

Jose Arguelles is a very wise man. Glad to remember these guidelines for the book served me well before it took off for other adventures.

May your Tuesday be blessed and full of grace, my friends. It’s time for this woman to get ready.

4 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Child

      1. It does. How we rise and learn from all the trials thrown at us make us stronger for the next round. I have been hurt a lot and always find something that helps me bounce back. When i read your words i can feel the strength in you.

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