Happy Mother’s Day From Kami!

To all the wonderful moms out there, Happy Mother’s Day!

May your day be blessed in so many ways. May you be pampered and cared for, hugged and loved. May you allow yourselves to completely relax, knowing that to nurture and care for yourselves the way you have always always cared for others is also an act of caring for others.

For, oh! How these same souls love you! And, oh! How happy it makes them when you are happy, healthy and whole!

We are loved and loving too. We are Love itself and Love itself loves through us, like water, it is everywhere and flows unconditionally when our hearts are open.

And even when our hearts are broken they can still be open. And if they must close for even a tiny little while, let them open up again, for the sun does always rise in the East.

It’s not easy being a mom. We’re human too, yet so many of us, in striving to be our best, might forget that now and then, especially when we fail to miss the mark. Oh, how often that happened when my kids were younger.

And it still happens once in a while. Like this past week, many moments of learning how letting go is essential. And forgiveness key. Forgiveness is always liberating.

It can be scary. Can appear to be a daunting task when actually it’s a letting go, and a process. Beginning with the first beautiful moment of surrender.

That cosmic epiphany.

May our hearts always open up again any time we have been hurt and have closed them in order to be protected from the pain. This pain feels so very real but it never lasts forever.

Everything is temporary.

It’s so lovely that upon taking a deep breath and jumping into the void here in this blogosphere, such a lovely group of followers have simply manifested, and so many of you mamas, either in my age group or my daughters’ and for that I am both honored and amazed. And also very very thankful.

For to find support in a group of artists and writers is a wonderful gift. And I am also here to serve and offer support whenever I can.

Y’all are truly beautiful people, not afraid to be real, willing to show your flaws too, since none of us is perfect. So of course we’ve all made mistakes.

May today and every day be filled with Love, so much Love. And may all your sacred paths be sprinkled with Diamonds and Rust. I love you all.

Finally got this link figured out. The paste option wasn’t working properly. For me this morning, lol.




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