Not Knowing

The last few days have been extremely busy, hence not spending much time online. This was exactly what my hands needed, a bit of a break from my phone. And upon ordering the internet, somehow the computer in the Philippines got jammed (technical difficulties, AT&T) so a bit longer of a wait is in order. Breathing.

Adam is having his surgery this next Tuesday, early this time so there won’t be a chance of him getting pushed to the back of the list. Making sure he takes a spoonful of coconut oil each day to help with his eczema. And the flare up has calmed down a great deal.

My heart is heavy, though, because my boyfriend has stopped calling me. I know he’s going through a very hard time so am just giving him space to sort out his feelings. In the meantime I can’t feel him. It’s like a brick wall has been built between us. It’s very difficult to not call him, but seeing that it’s better to wait. And just take care of myself.

Luckily during this time of not knowing there are friends. And family. Thank Goddess for them all.

May all the mothers here have a beautiful weekend! It’s just gorgeous here in Oklahoma right now. Could not be prettier.

Planted moonflowers, wildflowers and morning glories with my good friend’s 5 year old daughter the other day. And added purple petunias to my balcony garden.

Practicing the Tibetan singing bowl is another wonderfully nourishing activity, as is coloring mandalas. Coloring is so much fun.

Loralai just arrived, so time for many activities, but approaching them slowly. Luxuriously lounging in a large purple T-shirt right now – used to be one of my sons’. Those big tees are so comfy.

Sprinkling rose petals across many sacred paths, my friends. Rainbow Blessings.


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