On Our Way

My son Adam and I are on our way to the surgery center right now. He is very nervous, of course, and this causes his eczema to act up. He is such a gentle spirit, I love him so much. I’ll be sure to update my blog by tomorrow, praying big time and focusing positive thoughts and Reiki energy for my dear son.

I’ve been doing spring cleaning, had to bring most of my plants indoors yesterday because the temperature dropped rather drastically. Such is the manner of Spring. Adam and I took turns playing hide and seek with Loralai the last couple of days. Her  laughter is one of the sweetest sounds in the world. Thank Goddess for little girls. For all little children.

Lots of love, dear friends. May your Tuesday be full of Grace.


    • Thank you so much, single dust. They had to reschedule the surgery because the doctor was backed up, we would not have had a ride home. But, we met a wonderful couple, the husband is a pastor of a nondenominational church, and they prayed with us, very strong in faith, I wept. The whole congregation will be praying for him Sunday, and we can watch online. He said we were supposed to meet them.

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