We Dream Dawn – Phenomenal!

Well, on the flip side of the coin, today has been perfectly delightful. My new best friend came by in the afternoon and I gave her a chair massage which she enjoyed greatly – she’s about to have finals, is a senior studying economics, so her brain was hurting. So I focused on her head, neck and shoulders. This helped her a lot.

My massage chair is purple (my favorite color) and has been with me for thirteen years now.  This trusty chair has enabled me to massage hundreds of people over the years. Too many to count. So many great memories. I used it when I was an intern at our local health food store known as The Earth.

I digress. So after having pitas my friend and I went to a wonderful outdoor concert in downtown Norman. It was like we stepped into another planet because the vibe was groovin and the music was perfect. We danced on the grass and had such a great time. I’m still smiling. The music is mystical and ranges from soft dreamy sounding rock to funky get down and dance tempo. Seriously couldn’t have been more fun.

When I returned home, my sweet son had an early Mother’s Day gift for me – a Tibetan singing bowls! This made me cry because I have wanted one for many years.

So now I have another tool to help me meditate and lift the energy in my living space, feeling very very thankful to be alive, safe and loved.

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends. Sweet dreams.


  1. Beautiful day filled with blessings. Love the sound of your chair, do you have a pic? its funny how we get attached emotionally to inanimate objects, im trying to downsize but finding it difficult, everything I have has a story lol…so glad you got a singing bowl, I was the same hankering for one for years then one of my students got me one. Enjoy ❤ xxx

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