Chain of Hearts & Hands

People living in the streets,
humanity forsaken.
Men, women, children,
they are the forgotten ones.
Shanty Town, Los Angeles
the capitol of despair.

Out in the desert
we gathered,
the sweltering place
where dirt devils
flirt with waves
of steamy asphalt.

We gathered that
day together
from the Pacific
Coast to the Atlantic
to show the world
we cared.

A true global soup,
we made the longest
peaceful line in
history, we were
six million strong,
this chain of
hearts and hands.

Cosmic epiphanies
blasted hearts and
minds wide open,
beatific smiles
graced each and
every face.

Together our voices
lifted singing,
“We are the world.”
Hearts cracked open
even wider,
lifting us up
beyond the illusion.

My brand new baby’s
foot the silent link
in the chain,
where hearts and hands
gave one brief glimpse
of pure Nirvana realized.

@Kamea Moonmaiden

Om shanti.

Hands Across America, 1986, to raise global awareness of homelessness. My family and I were part of this, and my Earth Day boy was three weeks old at the time.


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