Earth Day Birthing Day

Oh my, my posts are vanishing.


Happy Earth Day!

It is my yogi son’s thirtieth birthday. He is such an Earth boy, has always been so grounded. This young man weighed ten pounds at birth, was the biggest baby at UCLA hospital. His kicks were even painful, Lol. He has studied yoga in India and taught English and yoga in Thailand, has worked as archaeologist and as farmer.

That good hard work which builds strong bodies and minds. So good for spirit too. Collector of rocks and such a good friend, he is greatly loved.

His cake once read Happy B-Earth Day. Funny thing is his little sister was born on Dia de Los Muertos. Complete polar opposites these two are. Lol. Their bond is real, though.

Loralai and I did some lovely earthing yesterday, walking barefoot on the lush green grass and collecting pine cones, twigs and other natural items to build faerie and gnome houses at the bases of the Ponderosa Pine trees out front

A ladybug stopped by to check out our work, which was a delightful experience for the little miss. It tickled her small hands.

So anyway, my Internet will be off for a couple of weeks, so I apologize in advance for that. Because I will only be able to climb onto this platform a little bit daily. My Phone is clumsy. I will be upgrading that pretty soon here too.

So in the meantime I am sprinkling rose petals across your sacred paths, and wish you blessings.

Deep Peace of the glowing earth to you, my friends. I love you all.


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