Full Moon in Scorpio

So this is the morning of the very deep full moon which provides us with an excellent opportunity to delve into the roots of our own woundings. Be oh so gentle with yourself as these are powerful energies. With the sun in Aries and now Mercury himself in retrograde, it is easy for feelings to become bent out of shape, for perspectives to get a bit snappy. Remember not to take anything personally. Drink plenty of water, as always.

In preparation for this moon and Earth Day tomorrow, my granddaughter and I re-potted some lovely Lobelia and made faerie gardens with chocolate mint, rosemary and lemon thyme.

I’m currently drinking tea next to this lovely balcony garden, the prayer flags waving above me, brightly reminding of the temporary nature of all things. The air is fresh and clean and birds are singing all around me. The lawn below is now a lush green, with clover and dandelions springing up everywhere.

Slept great last night, the meditations are helping better than any previously, perhaps because now am delving deeply into one method rather than scratching the surface with many.

A wise man once said it is better to dig a few deep wells than many shallow ones.

Going back to school has helped me find the wells perfectly suited, and what a blessing that is. Never underestimate the power of gratitude.

When learning is so delightful, it can sometimes be difficult to choose which wells should be the deep ones. So my intuition has led the way. Our bodies always know what we need.

Rainbow Blessings from Kami in Oklahoma, thanks for showing up!

I love you all.


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