Deepest Sympathy

Dear World,

There has been a sudden death in the family, not my side, but his. And because it hurts him deeply, it hurts me too. And his daughter, and stepkids who still think of him as a dad, because that’s the kind of person he is, and one of the million reasons why I love him. She was once his wife, and best friends they remained and now she’s gone, she was my age and now she isn’t here anymore, except of course in the hearts and minds of those who loved her, who will always love her so, and who will never forget her smile, the flash of her eyes, her long white hair and her heart, so kind and forgiving and tender, so sweet. Her dog is even sad today, of course he’s looking for her. She passed yesterday morning, and she’s truly on her journey towards the sun.

He flew down to be with them, thank goodness he was able to. I felt his physical proximity as he flew over me, and I felt his heart break open ever more widely as he landed there. I called and yes, he was waiting for his bags. I wish I could stand by his side physically, but I am truly there in spirit. I can feel that to be true.

It’s hard to know what to do or say, so in the meantime I will find refuge in prayer, and love and light and meditations. I will keep praying for my man and his family, beautiful loving souls who are gathering together in love to remember her.

They are still in shock, so whatever feelings I may feel, they are so tiny by comparison to what they are going through. I am proud of him for letting his tears flow, for some never can. And it sometimes takes courage to allow ourselves to weep. Sometimes a good cry can help so much, but for situations like these, it always takes time.

May all beings be blessed.
May all beings know Peace.
May all beings be comforted.
May all beings know healing.

Om namaha shivaya.




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