Showing Up For Community

I love the feature that FB offers showing us what we shared one year ago. This is what I shared last year, and it feels so relevant today, although now we are in the year of purification:

We are definitely feeling this need to pull the spiritual into the community now – I see many of the transformations Brooke Bebes Medicine Eagle talks about in one of my favorite of her books, “The Last Ghost Dance” taking place every direction I look. I see hearts opening up, and these open hearts truly are creating the rainbow bridge connecting heaven and earth! Watched Interstellar recently and the bridge between time and space which is based on the power of Love is that same bridge! I love that they talk about the tesseract in the movie.

Despite all the injustices, atrocities, war and calamities in this world, the heartfire of many, many of us is singing loud and clear, resonating into the core of Gaia, as we dare to dream impossible dreams while doing everything we must do in order to survive from day to day in a rapidly changing world. Our song is one of love and peace and nonviolent resistance.

Our song is a song about human rights and the rights of All Of Creation to exist without being plundered, polluted, exploited and destroyed. The right of All Of Creation to be cleaned up, to be respected, for our interconnection to be recognized and honored. Nature nurtures our souls and allows our spirits to soar – inspires artists and writers and poets and musicians and lovers and children and all people, holds us in Her arms sometimes gently, sometimes tosses us about fiercely, for She is much, much greater than we humans in all our vainglory can ever be. We can make machines which will cause great destruction, we can build majestic bridges and skyscrapers and even venture into space, but we can’t create a rainforest and we certainly can’t create another Earth. So we must heal and honor and respect the one we’re living on now!

A softer, gentler, greener path is where our future must lead if people are to survive. Even if that it takes longer than many of us had hoped and longer than so many prophecies seemed to indicate. There seems to be lots and lots of extra craziness and turmoil lately, as the darkest hour is just before the dawn. Luckily, we have each other, and coming together in community for healing music, food, dance and sharing ritual and ceremony with each other can truly make a difference at a grassroots level.

Time for the flocks to gather together, for we each make a difference, and when we help each other we accomplish so much more! I have moved back and forth from Oklahoma to California to Arkansas to New Mexico, then back and forth to California and New Mexico two more times until finally returning to my place of birth twenty years ago, where I have remained so that my children could have a greater sense of continuity, and because of feeling that deep sense of belonging here, especially once I found many kindred spirits while working at our local health food store giving massages.

Norman, Oklahoma has so many wonderful festivals and artwalks and potlucks and yoga in the park; such great ways to come together as a community. Just getting out and seeing both people I haven’t met and running into friendly acquaintances is so rewarding. I love this town! Been back 21 years and spent the first three years of my life here. We also have a thriving yoga community and quite a bit of culture as it is a university town, home to the University of Oklahoma.

Time goes by so quickly. I haven’t kept in touch with many of my relatives nearly as often as I did back in the Nineties. So this year is the year for reconnections. I love all my family and all my dearest friends, many of whom I haven’t seen in years, many of whom I lost contact with years and years ago. I used to correspond frequently, so there will be a Spring family update letter coming soon. This is all relevant and part of the planetary healing, but I know I am NOT the only one that this has happened to. And I’m noticing many feeling that same urge to reconnect with loved ones. And I feel this is because Love is the strongest force in the Universe. For those with whom it is not wise or safe to reconnect with, the ancient Kahuna practice of Ho’oponopono has a great visualization for cutting cords of unresolved issues – aka cords – which helps release these old blocked feelings and restore relations from a distance and on an energetic level.

During the last few years my family and I have been through so much. Haven’t we all? It’s helped so much to be able to connect with so many family members and friends from around the world simultaneously using FB. My grown children all live near me for now, but all my brothers and sisters live in California with my nephew and nieces and my step dad lives in Oregon, and I miss them the most. And of course I miss my aunts and uncle and cousins. Seeing them here is the next best thing. The love and support and social community here has helped me get through some very challenging times, and I am so very thankful! I love you all and wish you all bucketsful of rose petals and blessings of love and light, music, song, art, dance, poetry, smiles, laughter, hugs, and whatever your heart desires.
So now we are singing a song of community – let’s all come together and try to love one another right now. And work together to take care of our world and modify our consumption and waste rates, so that there will actually still be a planet which will be able to sustain our children and grandchildren. A’ho Mitakuye Oyasin. All Our Relations.



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