So upon exploring the widgets here at WP I have happily discovered my blog posts have thus far received over 12,000 hits. This came as quite a surprise to this woman, who has just been feeding my blog most days since first creating it. What a wonderful outlet for my creativity. This photo reminds me of how I feel after it rains. And it has rained many times since Saturday night, much needed blessed rain.

Also pleased to announce the arrival of a new young IPhone photographer (storm chaser) whose site is called Kochy Photos, whose work will begin to appear soon. An Oklahoma boy, this young man has his Bachelor’s in Meteorology and he has a keen eye for beauty. I will be sharing his photos and helping with captions. In fact, one of the people he loves to take pictures of is one of my daghters. The skies here in Oklahoma are especially remarkable because of being right in the middle of our continent. So we get gulf coast streams and north pole blasts too, meaning we get all kinds of extreme weather except of course tidal waves and hurricanes. So here we have ice storms, tornadoes, fire storms, hailstorms, wind storms, severe thunderstorms and long stretches of summer drought with sometimes over one hundred days with temps soaring over one hundred. And since fracking became so popular we also have lots of tiny earthquakes. We have every kind of geology here (my yogi son, born on Earth Day, is an archaeologist). Our mountains are small because they are so ancient.

From this red dirt clay my people have been formed, and here we live today, a postcolonial fusion of many cultures, working together to find solutions for the increasing challenges being presented here. So I now see how I truly was being called back to the city of my birth over twenty two years ago after my grandfather died in a fire. All the way from Pacifica (just south of San Francisco) we drove, a long story for another day.

Anyway, I see it would be a good idea to trademark my name for I am the very first Kamea Moonmaiden. I entered the world of lightworkers sharing love and light publicly back in 1999, so it truly has been quite a long journey.

Just a short post today as there are so many things to learn and unlearn while this process of uncovering continues.

Blessed be, dear hearts, and so it is.

@Kamea Moonmaiden

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