Thanks For the Water Blessings (They worked)

Thank you for sending the Water blessings, for they have indeed worked! Heavy thunderstorm warning in large portions of Oklahoma – Right Now. Just talked to my miracle boy and he is at a park with fire spinners in Tulsa and the rain is about to bless them too.

I remember being in Maui about twenty four years ago and telling a waitress how much I enjoyed the daily mild sprinkles. She replied, “We call that blessings here.” She beamed at me as she walked away.

Just watched a fantastic fifties comedy based on the play “Little Lambs Eat Ivy” called “Father is Doing Fine” which held many of the elements of my own story. Stories. It’s brilliantly well done, and was quite calming, the space there is so much more quiet than the action packed special effects filled movies being created today. And what skills the actors had!

My friends are currently doing a huge and beautiful job of blessing the worldwide waters – sending lots of love and light to them and the great service for the planet they are doing.

As my yogi son has a birthday Earth Day, we have much to give thanks for this year.

Deep peace of the flowing rain to you – and to us all!

Rainbow Blessings too.

Dolphins Love Healing

@Kamea Moonmaiden



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