Patience and Forgiveness Are a Two Way Street

Dear World,

Upon reflecting this morning on the world around me, the many changes each of us is going through simultaneously with each other, our families, our communities, and our world, the power of patience and forgiveness and their qualities of softening and freeing the spirit while taking the mind washed over me like a river. Many years ago, when my family and I first moved back to Oklahoma to live with my beloved grandmother who is since passed, there arose a moment when conflict arose which became overwhelming and seemed insurmountable in its passing. This was related to the pressures of blending a new marriage/blended large family of five ages 3-15. After praying earnestly for resolution, I walked into the backyard where a large Oak tree spread its branches over the entire house (and half the yard) with great majesty, sending its roots deep down into the earth. Suddenly a beautiful wave of peace washed over me and I was reminded of the words of Jesus, “My peace I give you. The peace which passes understanding. This carried and sustained me, nourished me, gave me confidence in actually deserving to be here despite all my quirks and flaws, because each of us is definitely here for a reason. This also helped me step forward into life and to overcome many experiences which at the time appeared to be obstacles, but upon reflection have proved to be my greatest teachers.
Sometimes (a lot of the time) I have taken forgiveness and patience beyond their reasonable limits, because of failing to provide for my own self well defined boundaries. My compassion for others is enormous, so why would I fail to have compassion for myself. Clearly coloring these spiral boundaries now, spiral like a labyrinth around me now, so many things are beginning to become apparent, an exciting thing because it’s about time!
Forgiveness doesn’t mean over-tolerance. It’s okay to forgive but of course not to forget. When in difficult situations, whenever faced with abuse of any form, for example, sometimes getting out and as far away as possible is essential for safety. (And please, if you see someone carrying out a domestic violence situation right before your very eyes, please call the police. Do NOT attempt to resolve the situation as the attacker may turn). Other times it is a parent, child, ex partner or other friend or family member with whom a forgiveness is calling out for. Some people feel that for them, forgiveness will never be a possibility, but it’s been my personal experience that forgiveness is very freeing. It instantly lifts the energy just as cleaning our homes lifts their energies too.
One of my favorite methods for cutting cords is based on the ancient Kahuna teachings of Ho’oponopono. In this meditation, one’s entire group of past connections from grandparents to parents to partners to siblings to other family members to friends are all standing on a huge stage. From the podium the aka cords (invisible thin, sticky white strands of energy which emerge from the solar plexus and wrap around both people needing the healing) is cut with whatever type of golden cutting tool you would like to use, while realising that the Universal cord of Love is called constant, so no worries there. This is following asking that person, “Do you support me today in my connection and experience with Higher Consciousness?” If they say yes, give them a hug and release them, if they say no, allow them to remain on the stage.
If suffering from PTSD it takes great courage to face these aspects of our own selves which are just begging to be released. But upon doing so it’s like an April shower showing up and washing away the built up grime and yucky stuff away. When we refuse to forgive, it affects both parties, and when we forgive, this lightens our load and also lightens up the other person’s load too.
Thank goodness for all the great masters all over the world who have provided us with the wisdom teachings to enable us to make this bold quantum leap into our own lives, finally retrieving all the missing pieces of the puzzle, but by bit, and creating the kind of world which is beautiful not only for ourselves, but for all. A world which focuses on solutions after identifying the problems. A world which believes in the rights of every single human being to clean nutritious food and water, shelter, education, and of course love. A world which is more balanced instead of tilting out of control. A world which is going through so much turbulence but also everywhere is showing the possibility of renewal. Think of flowers and trees growing in the most unusual places and indeed thriving. When given the opportunity for these basic human rights, the world will come together in brilliant and creative ways to figure out how to be human beings who can co-exist with each other and our planet peacefully, for we are a delicately stitched and intrinsically interconnected tapestry.
What seems to be the ending is the beginning of a new day. One thing is for certain, despite the numerous gigantic solar flare storms, we are going to be okay. We’re still here, right? So if you see YouTube videos playing on fear by sending out false propaganda engendered to create fear, don’t go there. Keep calm and welcome to the Aquarian Age.
I am so looking forward to the next part of the journey along with the rest of you. May your day be blessed and may peace be with you. Always and in all-ways.



@Kamea Moonmaiden

What the world needs now, is Love, sweet Love. No not just for one, but for everyone.



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