New Moon Pele Report

As usual, Kaypacha is so spot on it is quite a great example of cosmic synchronicity. The pressure is real. But it’s so important to let go and surrender rather than force anything to change. Just had an encounter with a supposed shamanic practitioner in Queensland who posted on my timeline. His pitch was pushy and he blocked me immediately when I didn’t want to throw down thirty dollars to someone on the other side of the world without knowing anything about this person other than a short letter, a handful of posts on his wall and a picture of his barely clothed body with a gorgeous tree behind him? Thank you, but I am working on my own unique style of self love and self healing (all healing is self love, we are all healers) and have raised many Generation X kids and yes, I overspoiled them while giving out too much and forgetting to take in enough. Thank Goddess for all the tools so graciously given over the years to help transform, transcend and rejuvenate every single time. Now I am working on regeneration, and this is working, but taking time and discipline. Entering the deeps of my mind and steering away from the shallows now, thank you for welcoming me into your world, my friends.

Namaste. Love and Light.

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