Kamea’s Energy Update

Whoa, there have been so many shifts as the layers are being peeled off, bringing us ALL closer to the pearl, from onions to pearls. The Golden keys are being revealed to so many right now it is hard to know which direction to turn. Having massaged hundreds of people over the years, it is the greatest paradox that turning that own love inward is the most difficult aspect of the journey. Breaking free from generational patterns and turning that journey inwards is so liberating! And having just reached the tip of the iceberg and deciding to delve deeper after so much studying, listening and researching I am so happy to be embarking on three consecutive training programs. I’m actually on a live workshop call right now! And the crazy thing is the very second I was able to connect with my phone and my laptop there was a POWER surge.

Electric Kamea is checking out now, just wanted to share – I love you all.

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