Setting the Princess of Roses Free

Mi moo mooThere was once a good faerie who had power over the four elements – the earth, the sea, the fire and the air. She gave birth to four sons, and allotted each dominion over one of the elements. The first was the Prince of Fire, which she felt to be the most noble of her dominion. The second she gave power of the earth, for he was wise and prudent, and to him she gave the title of the Prince of Gnomes. The third was a giant of monstrous proportions, and she was ashamed of him so she made him Prince of the Sea. The youngest was ruled by his passions. His passions were out of balance but as he was her youngest, he was naturally her favorite, so she made him Prince of Air.

Because she lived on the same island as the Fairy of Despair, she wished to keep her son away from the angel Cupid, so she told her son many stories over the years about wicked women who betrayed their lovers, leaving them heartbroken to the point of no return. In this manner she tutored her son in the art of hating women.

But one day he happened upon the Island of Roses, where his eyes fell upon the fair Princess Rosalie, the fairest maid in the whole world. He instantly fell in love with her, yet, knowing how upset with him his mother would be, decided to kidnap her and carry her away through the air to a secret island to be guarded night and day by jenii.

After she was whisked away her father wept night and day, a strange Prince arrived on the island and became the poor desolate King’s only companion. In compassion he set sail to find the lost princess. He fell in love with her at first sight, but seeing how her captor was the Prince of Air, he began to devise a plan to release her. Now the young prince was son of the King of the Golden Island, whose capitol was a vast kingdom made of Gold, which stretched from sea to sea.

I came upon a much more complex version of this fairy tale in my old Yellow Book of Fairy Tales, its familiarity bringing tears to my eyes as the memory of living on my piano loft in the multipurpose front room of the tiny adobe house sitting on top of the llano (like a mesa, but smaller) came back to me.

When our chores were done, my sister and I played for hours on our geodesic dome, stringing strands of lace we had secretly taken from our mama to help us with our acrobatic play. We pretended we were princesses often and Rosalie was the favorite character I liked playing. We had a faerie glen across the dirt road of our land. We had all four seasons and were healthy and strong.

Learning to chop wood made me feel stronger, and was a great way to channel off any frustration, sending it deep into the earth. Nature knows what we need, because she is our Mother and she loves us.

Rosalie represents the archetype of the beautiful damsel in distress, so beautiful that all who gaze upon her fall helplessly in love, but her heart belongs only to one lover. It turns out that the moment she gazed upon the Prince from the Golden Island she fell in love with him.

But, as fate would have it, the two experienced misfortune after misfortune while the sweet prince utilized the magic pebble which had been granted him by the good fairy, Queen of the Elements, to make him invisible. The stone would lose its power if he spoke, though, which is why he had to devise a plan to rescue the beautiful princess after writing a note to her invisibly in her chambers and then revealing himself to her.

This is analogous with the heroes tale, who must go through many adventures before he is united with his true love, and it is no surprise that he comes from the Golden Island. This is the first story that popped up for me after doing my meditation journey, first guided then just golden silence while holding my crystals and meditating on my invisible halos which are now neatly tucked into my head rather than being left outside of my body.

This is very cool and related to a dream I had last Fall about the Golden Age. In my dream all the masters, saints, avatars, wizards and saints of all incarnations throughout time and space in all dimensions were gathered on the top of a mountain which had a vast mountain desert which was like paradise.

The air itself was golden and as I flew in (it’s fun, we all fly in our dreams) a loud voice said, “Ho, Dragon Slayers. The time for slaying the Dragon is over. From this point forward you shall all be Dragon Tamers. The keys for the final battle will be found hidden within the myths, legends, holy books and greatest stories, fantasies and films of all time.”

And then I awoke. This was just after the autumnal equinox which brought in the Super Blood Moon total Lunar Eclipse, the Gamma Wave X hit our planet accompanied by solar flares of enormous dimensions and a huge upgrade of the energies on our planet.

As a lover of the Earth and Her people, it was then that this woman was shown many visions of my own life going back to my moment of conception while rebirthing myself during the middle of another night with no sleep. Like tonight. Blessed be, my friends. Blessed be.

To Be Continued . . .

© Kamea Moonmaiden Copyright


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