She was a too-Nice
maiden flower
in a too harsh,
crazy world.
What kept her flowers
from wilting when
all around her
were angry and cold?

Her strength was
the strength of sages
fed by Love and Light
the whole world round.
Gentle still she sat
and trembled
as the walls started
crumbling down.

She once walked
around gangsters
and thieves
she put her arms
around the blind.
She wept for children
suffering ~
she had her own
stones to carve ~
stones of beauty,
freedom, and Peace

She sang the ancient
song of Creation,
that angels sang
at Gaia’s first light ~
and she sang this song
with all her friends,
words filled with
wonder and delight.

She sang this song
when her babes were born
and when they nursed
upon her breasts.
She sang it when
she felt so forlorn,
forsaken by all the rest.

But pain became her
intimate lover
she was dancing with Death
too soon to recover
that ancient song was
long forgotten
until finally her
Spirit was set free.
Now she’s a star in
the midnight Sky
always shining
and laughing
for me.

@Kamea Moonmaiden

This is for my beautiful mother. She herself was filled with many books, but she had to flee for her home in the stars when I was 36 years old, and my youngest child only four months old.

Rainbow Blessings of the Sun to you all!

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