New Moon in Aries Crystal Grid

The energies are much more smooth after coming round the bend to this beautiful New Moon Eve 4/6 day. The primary single key number here is 10, which of course breaks down to 1 with the sacred geometry of zero taking us into the Longer Now of Unconditional Love. Venus and Mercury are now in Aries too, and the moon is too, which makes 4 heavenly bodies all in Aries! Also, one of my grandsons turns 13. We have three birthdays in our family this week, neat cosmic synchronicity. April is all about new beginnings, lots and lots of busy work. Breaking free of old patterns, like the habit of procrastination.

I personally am a Cancer on the cusp of Leo with Pisces moon and Aries rising, so the incoming wave of energies which have pushed us forward from the eclipses and equinox in dreamy Pisces have been quite a roller coaster for me to ride. But yesterday I gathered my strength and cleaned up my flat again then opened all the drawers and closer doors and smudged with Nag Champa, Desert Sage, Palo Santo and Pine. I walked on the enormous lawn with bare feet too, then sat with my back up against my favorite pine tree in front of my place.

I sprayed my home down with an aromatherapy blend which includes lavender and tea tree, then drummed a little before smudging quite well, ate a good whole foods dinner and soaked in a hot bath with Epsom salts and peppermint. The crystals are singing a song of balance here. The intention is healing for myself and humanity.

Having been on the razor’s edge so many times, this New Moon helps me see that balance is key. We each are here to learn to love ourselves unconditionally, right here and right now, in this breath and this heartbeat, where all the healing in the world exists.

Listening to our bodies is key.

Sprinkling rose petals across your sacred paths if you choose to have them, my friends. Rainbow Blessings too.




    • Thank you so very much! My little granddaughter is recovering from an overnight fever. She refused to allow her mama to give her medicine but agreed to allow me. She was burning up! But after a cool wet washcloth on her forehead and some little crystals and her little ponies, holding them and watching them, she is now sitting up and coloring a mandala. She just received a pre-K award for her artwork! Yay! May your path always be blessed, my friend.

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