The Weekly Grid

My daughter and three grandkids and I all went to the annual Medieval Fair yesterday, and I was blessed to be able to procure some new stones. The intention of this grid is for Grace and improved ease of communication as the second planet orbiting around the sun enters fiery Aries along with Mercury and the Sun itself. My being aches for the physical presence of my sweetheart, yet we are talking on the phone at least twice a day, and my stones have become one of my greatest comforters during our time of living over one thousand miles from each other. In just one year and a month my youngest son will be graduating, and then this woman will be moving to his place in Hersey, Michigan. Anyway, time is just an illusion, and perhaps it will fly by more quickly after a while.

I prayed and smudged my room with desert sage before beginning. Clearing the mind is a big part of this. And right now learning all I can eagerly learn about crystals and making grids has become very important to me. They are calling me. Some of the crystals here have been with me for years, others just since yesterday. They help me feel safe and protected and making the grids is such a lovely feeling. Listed below are only some of the crystals I used and for now the picture only shows part of the grid, but the feeling of it will come through with the description.

I have recently learned that most of my clear quartz crystals are generators, which isn’t too surprising as I have sensed their healing abilities and used them during massage sessions on several of my clients over the years. These are six pointed rising to a pointed tip. I also have a couple of in and out crystals which have a tiny crystal baby on their sides. These help travel between the world’s. My Selenite wands feel so lovely and cool in my hands and also as acupressure, and now I know they also serve as reminders of Starseed origins ~ particularly Pleiadean. They also call on the Moon Goddess. My Sun sign is Cancer, which Linda Goodman says go back and forth between being crabs, Looney birds and moon people. Picked up the moniker Moonmaiden from her and numerology. I have felt a very strong deep deep down feeling that my ancient DNA heralds from that constellation as far back as I can remember. Blue lace agate is so soothing and sweet, with its baby blue stripes, and is excellent for balancing the throat chakra. Hematite is also calming and grounding, which is why it helps so much when going into public places to have one clear quartz and one hematite as it both balances the hemispheres when holding one in each hand, but connects us to the earth through black hematite and opens us up to Universal Divine Light from above through the clear quartz. Hematite and smoky quartz help balance the root chakra and clear quartz helps balance the crown.

Rose quartz is wonderful for the heart chakra and for improving all forms of love. Jade aventurine also help balance and strengthen the heart chakra, and jade is good for lucuk. A central area in our homes is a great place for a piece of jade according to crystal Feng Shui. Amethyst is good for the throat chakra, and orange calcite and orange citrine are great for the solar plexus chakra and also digestion issues. Orange Carnelian balances the sacral chakra, and Tiger’s Eye helps that chakra and is also grounding and helps focus.

Fluorite is healing and energizing, labaradorite is good for the third eye, moonstone for that chakra and also the crown. Copper is grounding and helps with arthritis aches and pains. The red and pink stones I haven’t been able to identify yet as there aren’t any matches in my three crystal books, but soon I will have the Crystal Bible, for I am a rock person and am ready for immersion now.

Sweet dreams, my friends. Or good morning, depending on where you are and when you see this grid. May channels of communication flow freely between you and all you love and all you meet.

Blessed be. A’ho Mitakuye Oyasin. Om Namaha Shivaya. We are one.

@Kamea Moonmaiden


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