Triggering Metamorphosis

The birds are sweetly singing outside my bedroom window, rising from their slumber before the dawn, for they feel the Sun before its rays even begin to peak over the horizon. Recovering from a twenty hour migraine following many personal healing measures, I found relief with both a lesson and a guided meditation by Reverend Julie Renee. She practices Quantum Healing, something which I first read about many years ago in a book with the same name by Deepok Chopra. Guided visualizations and meditations are quite helpful, as they quiet the inner chatter which loves to ramble. In this visualization I was led inside my body all the way into my cells, where I activated Gold Source energy in the strongest cells and visualized it spreading throughout my body. I also visualized my kundalini rising up my spine just as the double helix strands of DNA wrap around each other, radiating golden light as it strengthened itself in the areas where there were blockages, connecting me from the base of my spine and the soles of my feet to the core of Gaia, and up through the top of my head to Heaven.

Following this I brought my aura in to 18 inches around my body and brought in two etheric mini-vacuum cleaners, one at my feet and the other at the top of my head, and set them on high as they quietly spiraled around, cleaning up all debris and unwanted energy. These handy tools were sent into Gaia after their job was done. Then I visualized my five halos, reactivated them and used a dust buster to clean them off, sending this tool also into Gaia when its job was done.

Before beginning all this, Julie led me through a fantastic yogi breathing exercise which opened up my blocked left nostril (allergies) and filled my head and the rest of my body with oxygen. This was what gave me enough relief to stay with the entire half hour process.

Julie was exposed to an atomic bomb fallout at the age of 24, following which she had to have her thyroid removed and went through twenty years of surgeries, chronic pain and had even been told her condition was terminal many times. She went to an ashram in India for quite some time and took other healing courses before she experienced miraculous recoveries of her multitudinous debilitating conditions. She had her tonsils and adenoids removed at age three and grew them back, a feat which astonished the doctors. She had worn glasses for many many years and her vision is now perfectly normal.

This brought to mind a clip I saw about the hungry imaginal cells of the dying caterpillar. Before the caterpillar retreats into the cocoon, there are many signals to trigger its metamorphosis. Within the cocoon, all the cells go through metamorphosis until it turns into a beautiful butterfly. We are all connected. There is much we can learn from the metamorphosis process of this amazing creature. And right now, each of us is going through a transformative process. Fifth Dimensional consciousness is spreading and becoming a reality for millions as awakening radiates and causes the ripple effect to spread outward. We’re each at our own unique level and here to learn the lessons we came here to learn. We are each the directors of our own movie. By embracing metamorphosis rather than resisting it, we can move through this process with much less pain and discomfort. Surrendering to the Divine, to Spirit, whatever we choose to call our Higher Selves, it becomes apparent that we are not alone. Not only are we connected to all of creation, but we are connected to our Creator.

My headache is gone, most thankfully, so now I can climb back into my cocoon for a little nap before rising to take care of myself, my cats, my plants and my home. Still learning how to care for and love myself first, and the further along I travel in this sacred journey, the more love is returned back to me. Amazing cosmic synchronicities. Miracles of healing for many of my loved ones. My cats are even more affectionate, for they adore Shakti energy.

And today the Medieval Fair is in town, which is always great fun. I’m going to find some crystals to add to my collection in order to build weekly crystal grids of many different varieties. Crystals are so wonderful! I love holding a clear quartz crystal in one hand and a nice polished slab of magnetized hematite in the other. This helps balance my right and left hemispheres. So the healing journey continues. I am embarking on a full course by Julie Renee – and after the first two classes and meditations I can tell this is perfectly wonderful information and energy she is sharing. She can be found at

May your Sunday be blessed, my friends. A’ho Mitakuye Oyasin. Blessed be. And so it is. Om Shanti.



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