Me and All Six of My Kids – 17 Years Ago

My family is so full of diversity and have been the greatest blessing in my life. Nearly three years ago most of us were all living together in a huge double townhouse which was 2,300 square feet. All of us except my yogi son Aaron, who will turn 30 on Earth Day. This includes all three of my grandchildren, so there were nine of us living together for a year. When we decided to move, our landlord thought we should move out one month earlier than we had planned, so this created quite a bit of chaos and we went through some rough times. Oddly enough, we ended up living in three different apartments in the complex I’m still living in. The management placed me in the middle with my two youngest sons, my daughter and her three kids in the southwest corner, and my oldest son and youngest daughter in the northeast corner. They have since moved out.

We lost a lot of our mountains and mountains of things during this crazy move, most of which is a relief to be rid of, but I had thought most of our old photos were gone. Then a whole box of them were just found by my yogi son at the top and back of my youngest son’s closet this week. I found a picture of all six of my birth children with me standing behind them and wanted to share it. There aren’t very many photos of all of them together because my oldest is twenty years older than my youngest. I also helped raise three foster children, whom I also love with all my heart.



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